Monday, March 21, 2011

W for "Wonders"

Saturday and Sunday, we had beautiful moon nights. I don't know which day was the full moon, but on both days, the moon was shining really brightly. I heard this full moon approached the earth the closest in the 18 years. But I didn't think it looked any bigger than usual.
I'm sleeping in my brothers bedroom since he's away now, and his bed is right by the window. I could see this white sphere in the sky clearly when I lay on the bed. I love moonlight. When I was younger, I admired the moon from my bedroom window. This pale light seems to deliver music without sound. I can't explain, but I always feel this soundless tune when the moon is so bright that you can even see the balcony floor lit. I don't know why...

Friday, March 18, 2011

V for "Variant"

Maybe I should write about the earthquake that we recently had, but it was so terrifying, horrible, and cruel that I cannot easily put into words, even though my family and I were not affected much. And it's still going on. My heart breaks every time I see the news of evacuees. So I will write about something completely different. Inappropriate? Probably.

It was such an interesting night on Wednesday. First, it was supposed to be a private lesson with my student/friend. We are preparing for his business trip abroad, and it was time to practice daily conversation. But he was too shy to speak in English with me, who is Japanese, and suggested to have a lesson over beer. As everyone had guessed, after 30 minutes, we ended up chatting in our mother tongue. hahaha It was great to get to know him. Although we have been doing tutoring sessions for over a month, we hadn't had time to talk frankly about ourselves. I've sort of known him since my teenage period and I even met his wife (and he is a good friend of my best friend). But I hardly knew how good husband he is and actually who he is. We were joined by another friend, and had a nice chat. It was very relieving to get together with friends in this difficult time.

I was the only single in the group, so we started to talk about relationships and marriage. And this man diagnosed my characteristics as "unhappy syndrome." It was hilarious but had the point in a way. This "disease" doesn't mean that I pity myself all the time. According to him, I tend to be attracted/attract someone who is troubled. And I would convince myself that it is my destiny to support this person for the rest of my life, though all is waiting is suffer, self-pity, and unhappiness. Goodness sake, I'm neither a saint nor an angel! I know that I'm very weird in a way and self-centred. If I quote the palm reader, I am eccentric and a free spirit. The prescription from this (intoxicated) doctor was to be "like a shooting star." If I enjoy myself and be confident, I will shine like a shooting star with a long sparkling tail behind me. Then I will attract the right person. Hmm, understandable. Well, my past experience is valuable and definitely helped me to grow wiser. Moreover, the relationship always takes two to be maintained or destroyed. So, all I could do now is not to blame anyone and step forward.

It seems like I look much more confident when I'm speaking English! Yeah, I really should live in an English speaking country to live my life too the fullest :)