Sunday, August 7, 2011

M for "Micmacs"

These days, I often have chances to watch DVDs on the weekend.  I usually don't see many movies or DVDs, so I always thank my friends who invite me for movies.  I found that, maybe especially Western people, tend to watch lots of movies, and they share their opinions and jokes from them in a daily conversation.  For me, it's good to cultivate more in the movie field to increase my knowledge.  

Then, I watched a relatively new movie called "Micmacs."  This is a French movie directed by the same director as "Amelie", Jean-Pierre Jeunet.  I LOVE "Amelie", and I really enjoyed this new movie as I expected.  I didn't use to understand why people talk a lot about the film directors, but now I understand.  It's like we look for novels from the same author.  The director has his/hers own taste and atmosphere in their movies, even though each movie is in the different genre.  "Micmacs" takes place in a considerably unfortunate setting, but the story is really comical and witty.  The characters are all very strange, but lovable, just like the people in "Amelie."  Now I'm interested in watching other films by this director, except for "Alien 4."  (I know that "Alien" series is highly rated, but I still remember the scary scenes that I happened to watch on TV when I was little.  They still have traumatic effect on me...)  

I'm trying to find the DVD of "Lady in the Water," directed by M. Night Shyamalan, but all I could find at the video store yesterday was Blu-ray.  I have the DVD, but I left it in Canada :( along with my "Ocean's 12" DVD.  Shoot.  I'm sure I will find one somewhere.