Sunday, August 29, 2010

J is for "Joy"

These days, I often feel lonely, empty, and don't know where my mind is. If I could be joyous because God loves you everyday, I might as well be in a religion. Kidding, of course ;p But still, my other half of my brain, probably the left side, is working and realizing the school is going to start soon, and I have to finish creating their exam. I might have too much time to think about the think that is not going well. I can't stand being ignored or abandoned, but looking at the bright side of everything might distract me from being negative! (Sounds like I'm deceiving myself :( )

Speaking of joy, I really enjoy teaching children. I'm getting used to their crying and fighting in the class, and they finally started noticing me as one of the teachers! (Hurray!) These days, I'm giving each elementary school student a level-check test, which casually measures their reading and vocabulary ability. Thanks to this test, I'm more familiar with students' names and their language levels. Most of them are returnees (who have lived in English-speaking countries before), but there is a gap among their reading skills. Some are excellent readers while others are not. Anyhow, all of them are having fun in the class talking to the teachers and friends in English. That's a good thing. The joy of teaching is definitely that you'll get to love your students and many of them will love you back. It takes time, but they'll eventually count on you and you'll feel like you have more friends. I know all of this, but how come I'm not attracted to be a (junior) high school teacher? That's the mystery...

I'll finish this entry with my favorite scene of the movie.
This is so great that I can't see it without tears!

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