Tuesday, May 15, 2012

V for "Various"

Working with people from different culture is very exciting and interesting, but at the same time, it's very stressful sometimes.  When I was a foreigner in Canada, I adapted pretty well to its culture, so I don't think I annoyed someone because of my custom or way of thinking. There are various habit and values in the world and they don't always agree with the ones in another country.   
However, I'm thankful that I'm in the environment that I can see difference between Japan and other countries.  What I learned abroad is to accept the way the culture is even though you don't like it.  If you make a choice to stay there, you have to put up with small things that you feel inconvenient or illogical.  Only people who did this successfully can adapt themselves to the foreign country they live in. 
I tend to be too harsh on foreigners who criticize Japan a lot and still claim they love this country, but I should realize that they are from different surroundings and have totally different thought circuits.  If I want to get along with those people, I should just let them be and admit they are not the same as I am.  A rainbow consists of seven different colours, lying side by side, and it looks beautiful.  Maybe society works just like that.