Friday, March 23, 2012

U for "Unbelievable!!"

Sneezing, blowing the nose hundreds times a day, and closing the eyes in irritation...  That was me today at the office.  It seems like the hay fever is attacking me!  I didn't use to be allergic to pollens.  Sometimes this kind of allergic reaction happens when I'm about to catch a cold or almost getting rid of one.  I thought I'd recovered from the cold, but then, these annoying symptoms started.  I cannot live even a few minutes without tissues.  I'm hoping that this is just an evanescent thing, and I'll be OK as I completely get rid of the cold.  Just in case, I took some Chinese medicine (this is the only allergy medicine that I could find which doesn't have a substance that makes me sleepy).  If it doesn't work, I'll take some of my mom's allergy pills.  Agh, this is SOOO unbelievably stressful!!