Tuesday, June 28, 2011

G for "Green Curtain"

Hello there :)

I've wanted to write an entry, but, as usual, a letter G didn't give me good ideas what to write about. And also I couldn't spare time to conjure English paragraphs....

Enough of excuses. :(

This year, we are obliged to save electricity because nuclear power plants in Tohoku were damaged by the earthquake. People are sharing some good ways to survive with less use of air conditioning. One of them is "Green Curtain." This is a very eco-friendly and family-friendly method to shut scorching sunlight out of the room. You plant some kind of climbing plants, such as bitter melon or morning glory, near the window. Cover the window with gardening nets so that vines can grow on them. After a month or so, you have this natural Green Curtain that keeps your house from the heat.

I'm too lazy to do this, but my mom is growing bitter melons in the second floor balcony. One planter is right in front of my bedroom. They are still small, but I can see they are getting longer and taller every day. It's really fun to watch. Moreover, if they become big successfully, we can collect fruit from bitter melon, which are of course bitter but tasty. I can hardly wait!

Speaking of staying cool, going to a movie theatre is also a good idea. Recently, I happened to have a chance to see a movie more often than usual. I saw X-Men First Class last Sunday. It was awesome. Especially, I found James McAvoy very attractive. I was surprised to know that he had played Mr Tumnus in the Narnia movie. Two very different roles, but I liked both.

Agh, it's HOT!

Hey, one good news! I passed the first test of Eiken! I'm going to have an interview on July 10th. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

F for "Father's Day"

It's always a trouble choosing a present for a man. Father's Day is no exception. Mom wanted me to get some socks for him, but that's not interesting since I gave him some last year. This year, for some reason, a change purse came up to my mind. I wanted to order hand-made one, but it takes 5-7 weeks (!) to be made. Since I didn't have enough time, I decided to go for Plan B; purchasing one at the department store. Among various kinds of change purses, I found one from Calvin Klein. It was a little bit overbudget, but I really liked that. Once I was fond of that purse, other candidates didn't look appropriate. I was very satisfied with what I choose. I only hope my dad will like it as well.

I mentioned Eiken in the last entry. Yes, I took the test last Sunday. Just like last time, the vocabulary section was crazy. Out of 25 questions, I encountered only a few words that I knew. So I guessed most of the answers. The reading section was OK, and the writing section went much better than the last time. I managed to write a 4-paragraph essay in 40 minutes. The next day, the answer key was released, so I checked my answers. The result was....only a little bit better than last time. I really want to pass this exam and step forward to the interview, which everyone says I would have very little problem with. I'll keep my fingers crossed till I get the result on July 4th.