Wednesday, May 25, 2011

E for "Eiken"

My coworker was having a serious talk with Grade 7 students who didn't do their homework yesterday. He said studying English everyday is crucial to develop their skills, and it seems that he writes Japanese blog everyday to practice Japanese. That made me think I should write everyday, too, whatever the topic is. So I am posting this journal tonight.

Eiken is a very well-known English test in Japan. I took 1st grade a few months ago and failed. My second challenge is on June 12th, but I'm not prepared at all. Last time, I was 5 points short to pass it. But this time, I feel like I have forgotten how to take a test. Only thing I can do now is to read as many English articles as possible, and reinforce my vocabulary. The exam day will come very soon. I have to get serious.

Winter is long gone, but I caught a cold again! How come?? These days, temperature rose and fell dramatically, so probably that damaged my throat. It started from a mild sore throat, and now it has developed to give me a runny nose. I had to cancel today's tutoring so that I won't give my cold to my student and nurture myself. I'm not feeling any better, but any worse, so I'll be all right tomorrow.

This weekend, my friend and I are going to visit Kawaguchi-Ko near Mt. Fuji, but weather doesn't look good. I'm hoping that we have no rain, and I will have got rid of this cold by then!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

D for "Dimanche"

Long time no see!
I didn't update my blog mostly because I couldn't come up with a nice title that starts with d. I seriously think this system, which I decided to follow, prevents me from writing journals more often...

Yesterday, I went to a live jazz concert. This was my third time (probably) to visit
miggy+ 's concert. Please refer to the link to know how awesome they are. :) I was really happy to be filled with great music and surrounded by my friends, but my body was surely tired. Then I felt something wrong with my throat. I was afraid of what would happen the next morning... Then this morning, yes, it happened. I woke up with a dry, sore throat just like I usually have when I caught a cold. *Sigh* So I decided to stay at home for a day, not even stepping out from the entrance of my house.

In recent weeks, I was always away on the weekend, so it's kind of nice to stay at home, doing nothing but what I feel like doing, and take it easy. I made bagels using the bread maker that my sister and I got for Mother's Day. Later, I might do some work for tomorrow, but that's something I would enjoy, so it's OK.

I only hope that I will get up without any headache or sore throat tomorrow morning.