Sunday, November 6, 2011

Q for "Quiet"

What a day, what a day...  We had a worrying Sunday because of a little cat!

My sister is visiting us on the weekend to attend her friend's wedding.  As usual, she has brought her "family" with her; a cat, dog, and this time, a new kitten.  She found this kitten on the street a week ago, and keeps him until she found a good home for him.  Last night, she didn't close her bedroom door, and this little one went missing.  He had been missing for almost a whole day without food or water.  We are really worried since he is still recovering from malnutrition and cold and can't cry.  Moreover, he's very small.  We even thought he might have gone outside by accident.  Once, I was alone in the house, so I just kept quiet and tried hard to hear anything moving.  But no sound.  Everything was still....  All the family member looked for him all around the house, even our neighbourhood.  But there was not a trace of him anywhere.  I almost gave up and felt very sorry for this kitten.   


When I came out from my bedroom, I saw a striped tail going between the old piano chair and the dusty cardboard box in the hallway!  It was him.  I shouted for my parents that I saw the cat, and we successfully pulled him out.  He was covered with dust, but looked totally OK.  Now he is fed and purring VERY loudly in the cage.  It was funny because both my dad and I had checked out that place more than once, but we never found him there.  Probably, he constantly changed the hiding place, or he was too small and dark-coloured to be found in the shade.  

Anyway, I'm now truly relieved and happy to know that he is safe and will get ready to be adopted by a good owner.