Saturday, July 16, 2011

L for "Lucky Charm"

These days, I found many people around me don't believe in fortune telling or gods.  I'm not religious, but I can't help checking horoscope in the magazines, believing palm reading, and making wishes at shrines and temples.  Then this time, I got my lucky charms.  You might think I'm too childish, but the important thing is me feeling positive ;)  
lovely knots
These earrings are from Mederu Jewelry.  I ordered these on the Internet and waited for 3 weeks!  Finally they came to me.  I used to wear cheap earrings, such as less than 1000 yen, but those materials started to irritate my earlobes.  These bows are made of (or coated with) 10K gold, so it must be less harsh to my skin.  I've been wearing them for 2 days so far, but I feel better than old silver ones, though the holes in my earlobes still a bit hurt :(  These ribbons resemble to my old favorite ones, which were lost during my trip to Vancouver in winter.  So when I found these on the website, I was really, really interested.  After a long consideration, I placed an order.  I'm glad that I can put on earrings again :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

K for "Kitchen"

These days, I rarely work in the kitchen.  I should pack my lunch everyday, but just I don't feel like doing it.  It usually takes 45 minutes in the evening, before I go to bed.  I come home late, so naturally I have a little time for myself everyday.  I don't feel good about sparing three quarters of an hour for cooking when I'm tired.  But I have been slacking off and buying lunch at convenience stores for a week, it's about time for me to be diligent again...

I like to be in the kitchen, though.  But not as much as the girl does in the story called "Kitchen" by Banana Yoshimoto.  Have you ever read this story?  I like Yoshimoto's works, but this is one of my favorites.  I think I have read this piece more than 10 times.  Funny thing is, Yoshimoto's way of thinking, which is embedded in each character's lines, really touches me when I'm in trouble.  "Kitchen" is her first work.  She has written numbers of  stories and essays, and I have read many of them,  but I still prefer this story than the ones that came lately.  I have the English translation, so I'm going to lend it to my British friend.  Hope she likes it.

By the way, the green curtain at my bedroom window is growing healthily (thanks to my mom's loving care).  Now it has enough length as a curtain, so the only thing it needs is to spread it's vines sideways!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

J for "Jammies"

I'm talking about pyjamas :)

I used to wear T-shirt and shorts or pants in summer when I sleep, but last year, I realized that nightdresses are much more comfortable in sweltering nights.  I have a few already, but I decided to get another one today.  (Don't remind me that I'm nearly broke now.)  It is a long pyjama top.  I was going to wear it alone, but when I tried on at home, it was a bit too short to wear as a dress.  But with shorts underneath it, it is pretty nice.  Now, I think I have enough nighties to sleep well through this hot season.

Mine is the one with bigger checkered pattern.