Saturday, August 28, 2010

I for "Internet"

I think I'm living pretty clean life; I'm not addicted to alcohol, cigarette, nor drugs. But my serious addiction is probably.....the Internet.

After so many hours of indecisive self discussion, I clicked a button to by an aroma diffuser which meant to be a present for myself. Pretty harmless, right? I'm not a heavy shopper, either in reality or on the web. The problem is, I'm spending too much time in front of PC every day.

It takes away so many hours in vain. Obviously, I should read more books instead. The main purpose of my Internet use is communication. Maybe that's what I'm addicted to. People don't usually send messages very often or update their Facebook. I don't need to check them several times a day. But what I do the first thing in the morning is to turn on my PC. I do the same when I come home from work. If I'm at home, I stay in front of this gadget almost all day. Sounds VERY unhealthy.

Since I found that I'm not using SNS wisely, I'll just take it easy and take a deep breath. I need a computer to make teaching materials and keep accounts, but it doesn't have to be connected to the Internet. Be wise and take advantage of this great network throughout the world :)

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