Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snow! Snow!

Ok, the weather forecast had said, "it might snow," but who would expect this much snow?? We had a huge snowfall here in Tokyo on Monday, the first snow this winter. It snowed a lot for a long time. I went out shopping, and I had decided to walk to the station. I regretted right after I started walking. It was very cold. I soon lost the sense of my fingertips. The snow was heavy and wet, and it stuck on my coat, gloves, and bag to make everything soaked. I was grumpy when I arrived at the station, though it was poor R who had to wait for me in the cold station for half an hour...
But once you become warm and (relatively) dry, snow is nice to look at. It makes outside look brighter. And the best thing is only a few people go shopping on the day like this. The shops are usually packed on the weekend, but they were deserted. The sales clerks were eager to talk to us since there were not many customers in the sales area. It was nice:)

I'm preparing for moving. I've found the room, and now I have to think about electronics and furniture to buy. Interior coordination is not my strength:( Ugh.

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