Thursday, January 24, 2013

Moving Companies

I've found an apartment and moving in February!  My first experience of living by myself in Japan.  There are lots of things that I have to buy, especially electronics.  Why things cost so much?  I've saved up some money to study abroad.  I decided to postpone (or give up?) the plan, so the budget is used for starting my new living.  Hope I don't have to spend all of it.  :( 

I have some furniture to take with me, so I definitely have to ask for a moving company.  I found a website that I can ask ten moving companies at the same time for the estimate moving cost.  The fact is, though, I was sending out my information to 10 companies through that website, so the individual company contacted me separately.  It was almost scary to receive more than 10 email messages simultaneously AND phone calls right after I sent out my message.  I had no idea that fierce competitions are going on among the movers.  Today, I sent declining messages to some companies, and I will choose one of the rest to ask for moving.  

This weekend, I'll go to the electronics store to see what kind of deals they have.  The Internet company is waiting for me to sign, and also moving companies and electronics stores are offering the Internet services as well.  The moving day is exactly a month later.  I will deal with things one by one!

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