Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Life, New Interest

It's been two months since I moved out from my parents', and it has been great. I like my little apartment, though it's getting too hot on sunny days. (What will happen in summer?? Is it going to be like sauna?!) Last weekend, after enjoying lovely relaxing Golden Week holidays, a dining table and chairs arrived, and I got a TV. Now my room feels more upgraded :) So I'm typing now sitting on my new chair at the new dining table. It's much easier than sitting on the floor and bending over a small coffee table. Next thing I'm eying on is a small shelf that I can put my TV on. 

Now I quit teaching and am doing administration. This is the skill I wanted to learn and develop for the steady income and future usefulness for the time when I need to search for a new job. However, as soon as I started a new job, I started to miss teaching. I could tutor students just like I did before, but having a full-time job and teaching on my day-off is really stressful and wares me out. I don't know if I'm motivated enough to do that again. If I don't want to do dual jobs, and teaching English full-time doesn't bring me enough to live and save, what can I do? In the bottom corner of my heart, I'm still wishing to work and live abroad. But it was/is really hard for non-native English speaker to be an ESL teacher in English-speaking countries. 

This might sound contradicting to what I just said, but now again, I'm interested in learning how to teach Japanese. I once thought about taking a distance program, but my interest faded away. These days, I happened to see and hear lots about Japanese teaching and teachers, and there seem to be job opportunities both in Japan and abroad. Well, just like teaching English, it might not bring me enough money to survive, but it might make me capable of getting a job in another country. Besides, R is really struggling with Japanese right now, I will be his help for sure if I know how to teach him the language. (OK, this is an excuse.)

R thinks it's almost impossible to live in another country and work as a foreigner. Yeah, it wouldn't be easy. But I want to make myself useful and capable both in Japan and abroad. (Besides, I'm a native speaker of Japanese!) It's exciting to feel the positive vibe coming from my heart. Maybe it's the time to start. It's never too late, right?

"It's the sign!" as Meg Ryan says ;)

Well, I have to talk to my bank account...

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